Connecting the Dots, Digital Offerings, SME ( Nov. 11, 2020):

You don’t need an IoT or digital strategy. You need a strategy for a digital world.

Talks available on our Youtube channel. See below.

Too many times have we met small and midsized enterprises coming to us to execute on their “IoT strategy”, ready to invest in an IoT proof of concept (PoC). When we ask what business or operational benefit they are aiming at, the answers get vague. Our experience is that this is a signal that the customer risk ending up in PoC purgatory (a series of PoC, resulting in almost nothing while running out of money).

When an SME starts its digital transformation by adaption a strategy for a digital world, everyone involved knows why things are done and the way forward.

Two of our friends that act according to the maxim above shared their experiences at our Connecting the Dots event “Digitalized operations and offerings, SME” on Nov. 11th, 2020:

Johan Åsman, BDO, external support to SME owners, boards and business management, (recorded talk, on Youtube)


Joakim Larsson, Skandia Elevator, co-owner and CEO, leading a digital transformation and innovation process at his enterprise. (recorded talk, on Youtube)

Their talks are available on our Youtube-channel and you find direct links above.


Connecting the Dots is a series of seminars WSI offers to customers and friends, addressing business, technology and human aspects of successful product and service development in a connected world.

Connecting the Dots events are about to learn, share and meet. Therefore we run this event as close to an IRL event as possible – everyone in the session could see each other with names and faces and we use breakout rooms for sharing thoughts and reflections after each speaker.