Step inside WSI’s spectacular test lab

WSI_Staff_Jonas500x500Jonas Strandell is Co-founder, COO and R&D Manager of WSI. He has many years of experience in antenna design. Jonas is also your guide into WSI’s test lab.

– Here at WSI we have a strong team of highly experienced antenna designers and we have all kinds of test equipment and measurement chambers needed to do the job. We work with simulation tools as well as cutting copper tape with a scalpel based on many years of experience, to find the optimal solution for our customers!

Equipment and chambers

To characterize the antenna performance in full a set of test equipment and measurement chambers are required. WSI has everything required within our own facilities.

Anechoic chamber

Anechoic_chamberWe measure Radiation Patterns in both two and three dimensions as well as Antenna Gain in the Anechoic chamber. This type of testing is done to determine radiation in different directions. At WSI we use the Anechoic chamber to test and develop any kind of wireless devices.

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Read the case about how we developed the VR gaming headset from Game FaceLabs. The headset prototypes have been tested in the Anechoic Chamber.


Scattered Field Chamber

scatteredfieldIn the scattered field chamber we perform Antenna Efficiency measurements as well as TRP (total radiated power) and TIS (total isotropic sensitivity) measurements. These parameters are of great importance to be able to launch 2G, 3G and 4G products in carrier networks worldwide

The Flic button is an example of a product that has been tested in the very beginning of the production phase in the Scattered Field Chamber.
Read more about the case here


SAR (specific absorption ratio) measurements

Imagine a bath tub formed as the human body. ”The human body bath tub” is filled with a special liquid to simulate human tissue. A robot is used to measure the electro-magnetic field in the bath tub while being exposed to the radiation of the device under test. WSI is one of very few companies in Scandinavia who has this kind of equipment. Jonas Strandell and his team are experts in making the tests.

Watch this film to see the Robot in action: