Customized for you

We can help you with the entire process of creating a new connected product or service, or with just part of the process. Our organization is geared to help you with both your business and technology needs.

Areas of expertise

We create and implement new offerings and business models together with our customers. We are dedicated to finding new ways to make your business stronger.

We can develop complete products and connected solutions, from sensor to cloud. This includes connected objects, gateways, connectivity, IoT clouds and applications.

We have a worldwide network of partner factories, so we can find the most suitable manufacturer for each customer. We can ensure that products adhere to market requirements and manage regulatory aspects.

We can operate and manage your IoT cloud applications for you, so that you can focus on your business.

Business Creation

Connected objects enable companies to create new revenue streams, cut costs and create long-lasting customer relationships. Our business creation team can help you to find the right business value to create and how this can be realized through new products, services and business models.


In our first workshop with you, we explore how your business can benefit from connected objects.

Business Innovation

Through business design, we define new business models and offerings.

Organization as a service

We can help you execute the business model and build a connected product or service.


We create specific teams able to deliver your solution from sensor to applications, through all layers of a connected product. The development unit at WSI does the project work at our offices, we don’t send out consultants. By doing this, we can utilize our full competence in all projects.

Industrialization and Production

Our manufacturing team helps our clients find the most suitable factory for mass production, either through our existing network of qualified factories or by scouting for new factories.

IoT Operations

We can manage your cloud application 24/7, so you can focus on building your business. This service can be integrated into the price model for the cloud, giving you a predictable cost.