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Wirepas and WSI partnership announcement

Wirepas and WSI decided to team up to serve the growing need in the market for reliable well-designed IoT devices. Wirepas has always emphasized the importance of its blooming ecosystem and having the top-notch players serving the industry together with Wirepas. Now, WSI joins the Wirepas ecosystem. WSI can help you with the entire process … Continued


Connecting the Dots: Mikael Rudin – ABB

Mikael Rudin from ABB shares his insights around digitalization and industry 4.0 at the WSI event Connecting the Dots.


Connecting the Dots – Örjan Jansson – Bzzt

Örjan Jansson shares his insights about Bzzt AB and running a fleet of sustainable pod taxis in Stockholm at our Connecting the Dots event.  


Connecting the Dots – Stina Lantz – Ignite Sweden

Stina Lantz shares her insights about corporate + Startup collaboration. Read more about Ignite sweden here.


Human, Business and Technology

When starting a new product initiative we have been taught to combine the human, business and technology perspectives to increase the likelihood of success. But, how do you really do that? Listen to a panel discussion on the subject including: Towe Ressman, VP Global Design at Husqvarna Group Markus Enholm, Chairman and founder at Certus Group … Continued

Current Events


From Product to Service: How Connectivity Changes Business Models

We are accelerating towards a future where everything can be connected. This is disrupting the playing field for companies – but it’s also creating new opportunities and business models. What used to be a product is now also capable of being a service. This means the possibility of creating a relationship with the customer – … Continued

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Underhåll 2020 – WSI on stage

The Maintenance trade show Underhåll2020 will take place in Gothenburg March 10-13. As WSI supports customers in the industrial IoT segment (#IIoT), we will be there of course.  On Friday 13th, we’ll be on the main stage, and Carl Fredrik will talk about how smart and secured maintenance is part of all business models.  Beskrivning (Swedish): De … Continued

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Telenor IoT Think Tank 2020

WSI by Tobias Söderlund and Carl Fredrik Kastengren will participate at the Telenor IoT Think tank and run the break out session: How business models define hardware –Introducing how connected physical products puts demands on the business, but more importantly, how the business puts demand on the hardware. Read more here. This event is targeting customers … Continued

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