Globis – an intelligent charging station that is more than just a charger

Safety and style in world class – WSI has built in safety in the new charger Globis.

Globis is the result of Danish design and Swedish engineering.
It challenges the traditional idea that a charger should be hidden away. Instead, it celebrates the thought that for a charger to be useful, it needs to be easily accessible and central, and for it to be central it needs to be beautiful. With its timeless spherical design, it can serve both as a contrast piece as well as a discreet detail in the home or in professional surroundings. Removing redundant cable from sight is another key to the charging station concept. Each attached cable can be adjusted in length by hiding portions of it inside. This way, Globis provides a sense of calm order despite charging many devices simultaneously. Naturally, Globis makes no compromises in regard to safety, energy efficiency and charging speed.

Read the full story about how WSI has built in the safety in Globis

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Allgon AB acquires the IoT-company Wireless System Integration Sweden AB

Allgon AB has signed an agreement to acquire Wireless System Integration Sweden AB, a fast-growing company within IoT (Internet of Things). In connection with this, the Allgon group also creates a new business area for industrial IoT where additional potential acquirements can be added in the future.

Wireless System Integration Sweden AB (WSI) is a design house developing wireless products and systems. The company has in recent years experienced a strong growth and influx of new customers. Before the summer, WSI was chosen as partner for development and manufacturing of products to American Nvidia, one of the largest companies for graphics processors used for artificial intelligence, deep learning and virtual reality.

WSI, based in Kista, Stockholm, currently has 20 employees. In 2015, WSI had a turnover of SEK 32 million with an operating profit of SEK 2,4 million while the turnover of 2016 is estimated to an amount of approximately SEK 45 million with an operating profit of SEK 4,5 million.

Allgon makes the acquisition, which is planned to be completed in the fourth quarter of this year, through buying shares of WSI from the four current owners at a price equivalent to SEK 41 million. The purchase price will be paid partly in cash of SEK 25 million, partly by a promissory note of SEK 11 million as well as a directed share issue of SEK 5 million.

– Through this acquisition, we are putting the first piece of the puzzle in establishing a new business area, Industrial IoT. WSI has an exciting business that complements the offers from other companies within our group. We have followed WSI for some time and are impressed by their success journey. We are looking forward to working with the founders and their team to develop the business further, says Johan Hårdén, CEO of Allgon AB.

– We can see that our major international customers as well as the smaller clients become more and more dependent on collaborations with flexible specialized companies to keep up with the ongoing global digitalization. WSI has a sound knowledge and an extensive experience in offering clients a full responsibility in the process from idea to final product within IoT, Virtual Reality and advanced radio solutions. This agreement with Allgon puts WSI into a larger context in which we can get further exchange on our continuous expansion and growth, says Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO of Wireless System Integration Sweden AB.

WSI and THINGS partner to take more IoT product ideas to volume production

THINGS is a 2,000 square meter hardware hub in Stockholm with some 30 startups and Main Partners like ABB, Assa Abloy, Husqvarna, NCC, SP and KTH. THINGS is focusing on collaboration between startups and established large companies in the areas of IoT, wearables, 3D scanning and printing, sensors, automation and robotics.

WSI – Wireless System Integration – has supported companies in developing and industrializing their products within Internet of Things and advanced radio since 2002. Their long experience from delivering complex projects and mobile products makes WSI an ideal partner from product ideas to volume production.

“Our long track record of industrializing high tech IoT products will benefit the startups and entrepreneurs of THINGS, so they can focus more on the core of their idea. High quality and introduction to mass production is solved by WSI.”, says Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO at WSI.

“Our partnership with WSI brings proven and important IoT product development excellence closer to our members and partners”, says Linda Krondahl, CEO at THINGS.

The new partnership between WSI and THINGS is in effect immediately and will strengthen THINGS’s position as the leading hardware hub in Sweden.

THINGS is a 2000 m2 co-working space at KTH Campus down-town Stockholm for selected start-ups with hardware as part of their solution and global ambitions. They work in areas like Internet of Things, wearables, 3D scanning/printing, sensors, automation and robotics. What makes THINGS unique is that we are independent from investors and manufacturers, our members have access to unparalleled prototyping and testing capabilities and last but not least, our partnerships with a number of the most successful and innovative export companies in Sweden. We have established THINGS® as the number one hub for hardware oriented people and companies in Sweden and the obvious place to keep an eye on and visit while in Stockholm if you are interested in hardware related solutions. For more information please visit

Wireless System Integration – WSI – supports companies in developing and industrializing their products within Internet of Things and advanced radio.
Since 2002 we have been making things Wireless by WSI™. The WSI team has long experience from delivering complex projects and mobile products. We provide a flexible resource that takes a product from idea to volume production. Our experienced in-house team ensures quality in every step of the way. WSI is a privately held company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Please visit for further information and news.

Step inside WSI’s spectacular test lab

WSI_Staff_Jonas500x500Jonas Strandell is Co-founder, COO and R&D Manager of WSI. He has many years of experience in antenna design. Jonas is also your guide into WSI’s test lab.

– Here at WSI we have a strong team of highly experienced antenna designers and we have all kinds of test equipment and measurement chambers needed to do the job. We work with simulation tools as well as cutting copper tape with a scalpel based on many years of experience, to find the optimal solution for our customers!

Equipment and chambers

To characterize the antenna performance in full a set of test equipment and measurement chambers are required. WSI has everything required within our own facilities.

Anechoic chamber

Anechoic_chamberWe measure Radiation Patterns in both two and three dimensions as well as Antenna Gain in the Anechoic chamber. This type of testing is done to determine radiation in different directions. At WSI we use the Anechoic chamber to test and develop any kind of wireless devices.

Learn more!
Read the case about how we developed the VR gaming headset from Game FaceLabs. The headset prototypes have been tested in the Anechoic Chamber.


Scattered Field Chamber

scatteredfieldIn the scattered field chamber we perform Antenna Efficiency measurements as well as TRP (total radiated power) and TIS (total isotropic sensitivity) measurements. These parameters are of great importance to be able to launch 2G, 3G and 4G products in carrier networks worldwide

The Flic button is an example of a product that has been tested in the very beginning of the production phase in the Scattered Field Chamber.
Read more about the case here


SAR (specific absorption ratio) measurements

Imagine a bath tub formed as the human body. ”The human body bath tub” is filled with a special liquid to simulate human tissue. A robot is used to measure the electro-magnetic field in the bath tub while being exposed to the radiation of the device under test. WSI is one of very few companies in Scandinavia who has this kind of equipment. Jonas Strandell and his team are experts in making the tests.

Watch this film to see the Robot in action:

Welcome back to WSI, Jens Barkvall!

WSI are pleased to welcome our new and former employee Jens Barkvall back. Jens will primarily manage customer projects with focus on consumer electronics and IoT.

– I look forward to working in the fantastic WSI team again. There is a lovely attitude as well as a sense of responsibility when it comes to delivering to costumers. To lead and coordinate future projects with WSI is an exciting challenge, says Jens Barkvall who previously had the position of project manager at the company H & D Wireless.

Jens has extensive experience as a senior project manager in projects mainly regarding IoT and electronics. He is a mechatronics engineer and has a passion for linking innovation projects from initiation to the final product.

CEO of WSI, Jan-Åke Lindqvist is more than happy of the success in getting Jens back in the company.
– Since Jens has worked with us previously, he feels the company´s soul, thoughts and visions. Processes in our projects will become even more efficient thanks to having Jens Barkevall on our team again.

Jens started at WSI September 1st.

Jens Barkvall, project manager
Tel: +46 70 379 06 87
Follow Jens at LinkedIn and see his progress in WSI´s projects.

Jan-Åke Lindqvist, vd
Tel: +46 70 555 49 17