Two senior project managers strengthen WSI

WSI are excited to welcome not one, but two new employees, that both bring great experience to the WSI team. Lars Wattsgård (to the left in the picture) and Tomas Pensjö (to the right) both start as senior project managers.

Lars Wattsgård has his roots in software development of RF and baseband test & calibration in mobile phones. He´s got a long manufacturing experience, whereof eight years in Beijing, China. Lars is M.Sc.E.E. & MBA and likes to meet people, experience different cultures and technology. Lars will specialize on the Production as a Service proposition of WSI.

Tomas Pensjö has long project management experience from automotive and telecom industry, with a background in hardware design. He loves sailing, both boards and boats. Tomas will handle everything from small projects to large multidisciplinary projects including software, hardware and mechanics.

Foto: Jörgen Appelgren NyTeknik

WSI in Swedish tech paper NyTeknik

They want to connect Swedish industrial companies

They are the Swedes that everyone loves to work with. The anonymous people behind a long list of famous gadgets. Now WSI is investing in the Internet of Things – and to help industrial companies to get connected.

– We differ from our colleagues in the industry, the big consulting houses, says Jan-Åke Lindqvist, CEO of WSI. We are a design house that works from start to finish. Unlike them, we never send people outside this house, but rather take people in if we need to strengthen with any competence. The start up time will be shorter and you get a more homogeneous team that gets better and better with every project that is delivered.

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Libero and WSI helps parents share their baby’s kicks with BabyBuzz

How do you transfer a feeling using a smart bracelet? How will the parent without the baby belly know when the first kick comes? The answer is BabyBuzz!

Camilla Svensson, Marketing Manager Libero:

BabyBuzz is like getting an SMS from your baby straight to your heart

Camilla Svensson, Marketing Manager Libero Region NorthLibero, owned by SCA, is the leading diaper brand in Sweden. Via the Libero Club, expectant parents get advice and information from week one of the pregnancy.
According to Camilla Svensson, Marketing Manager, Libero club members are very active and it was on the Libero club forum that an expecting mother raised the subject that many parents felt they were missing: The sense of involvement between the parents during the pregnancy. Camilla and her colleagues wanted to change that, so to learn more they conducted a survey among 4000 parents in the Nordics.

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