Low Power System Design Webinar series, part 1

Starting on April 17th, we started a series of system design webinars focusing on lop power design.

IoT and Industrial IoT is happening now and the number of connected devices is exploding. The function of the connected device (e.g. a sensor) might be very straight forward. But the wide range of connectivity solutions put high demands on the system designer to select the right solution. Among many different parameters, low power consumption has almost become synonymous with IoT. In times where many system integrators build battery-powered solutions, making a low power device might become hard. This series of seminars aims to give an overview of some critical areas and parameters that must be considered while making a low power IoT system.

The first webinar in the series cover both system, HW and FW aspects of making a Low Power IoT device.

The first webinar was presented by our CTO Håkab Ohlgren and hosted by our R&D Manager Lars Wattsgård. Our video guru Hamed Rafi saw to that everything run smoothly. It was held Friday, April 17th and is now available on Youtube (link)

The second webinar, Low Power design – User Interfaces will be held May 8th.