NVIDIA® partner

WSI is a partner and design house for embedded solutions

The collaboration between NVIDIA and WSI is built on competence and trust. As NVIDIA’s Jetson Ecosystem partner in the Nordic region, WSI becomes the obvious choice for the development of advanced future technologies. NVIDIA Jetson™ embedded platform and Tegra® K1 mobile processor, platforms of NVIDIA, are the main keys for cooperation. These high-performance, low-energy computing platforms are integrated by WSI in both existing and future wireless products. The Tegra K1 processors & Jetson Modules of NVIDIA will be the building blocks of many future products where WSI is the integrator and the guarantee of high quality final products.

NVIDIA® Reference cases

Solutions we made based on NVIDIA® technology

Imagine a 3D headset that is completely wireless with the finest graphics ever seen, all evolving in front of your eyes in a completely private world. We believe that you think of Game Face – the first 3D headset of its kind – built with NVIDIA’s platform Tegra K1. Do you want to know more? Click on perhaps the world’s hottest wireless 3D headset below.


Can’t get enough of wireless innovations? Then you should get acquainted with Solu. The Finnish little pocket computer in a unique wooden design. Behind the cortex of wood, a technological marvel emerges, also built by using NVIDIA’s platform Tegra K1. Do you want to look into the world of Solu and find out more? Click below!

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 Embedded Platform

Deep learning for next-generation intelligent, autonomous machines

NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1 is a supercomputer on a module that’s the size of a credit card. It features the new NVIDIA Maxwell™ architecture, 256 NVIDIA CUDA® cores, 64-bit CPUs, and unmatched power efficiency. Plus, it includes the latest technology for deep learning, computer vision, GPU computing, and graphics, making it ideal for embedded visual computing and great for wireless with its connectivity certified for 802.11ac Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Read more on the NVIDIA® JETSON™ Developer Portal

NVIDIA® Tegra® K1

An advanced mobile processor

The NVIDIA Tegra K1 SoC features the same NVIDIA  Kepler™ architecture designed into supercomputers around the world. This means you can count on a fully functional NVIDIA CUDA® platform with 192 supercomputer-class GPU cores and great power efficiency for quickly developing and deploying compute-intensive embedded systems and Tegra K1-powered mobile devices.

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