Connecting the Dots – Value out of product and user data

How can the data you collect from your products improve your services and revenues?

Listen to Andreas Cedborg, Product Manager @ Spotify and David Furendal, Founder @ Daresay sharing their insights – on youtube

As a leading design house for connected products, our solutions generate and collect valuable data. And we want of course our customers to get a better business when using that data. But how can that be done? We asked our friends Andreas and David if they wanted to give us some examples and tell us some of what they have learned. The result became a 90-minute webinar with open mics.

Spotify collects and analyses how we all listen to and share music and audio on their platform to understand how they should continue the evolution towards an even better user experience for us and a better business for Spotify. They evaluate how limited groups of users interact with test versions and how we all behave on the release application. How is all that insight used and taken care of?

Daresay, the digital agency founded by David has worked with customers in the process of transforming product sales to service sales, based on insights gained by collecting data from users’ behaviours. Using understandings gained from not only what the users say they do but also from what they do have resulted in several successful projects.

Connecting the Dots is a series of seminars WSI offers to customers and friends, addressing business, technology and human aspects of successful product and service development in a connected world.

Connecting the Dots events are about to learn, share and meet. Therefore we run this event as close to an IRL event as possible – everyone in the session could see each other with names and faces and we used use of breakout rooms for sharing thoughts and reflections after each speaker. The event took place on May 28, 2020.

Andreas and David’s talks are available on WSI’s youtube channel (“like, comment and subscribe”).