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Connecting the Dots, Digital Offerings, SME ( Nov. 11, 2020):

You don’t need an IoT or digital strategy. You need a strategy for a digital world. Talks available on our Youtube channel. See below. Too many times have we met small and midsized enterprises coming to us to execute on their “IoT strategy”, ready to invest in an IoT proof of concept (PoC). When we … Continued


Connecting the Dots – Value out of product and user data

How can the data you collect from your products improve your services and revenues? Listen to Andreas Cedborg, Product Manager @ Spotify and David Furendal, Founder @ Daresay sharing their insights – on youtube As a leading design house for connected products, our solutions generate and collect valuable data. And we want of course our … Continued


Low Power Design, part 2 – User Interfaces

User interaction via delicate and elegant user interfaces on battery-powered devices can create a competitive edge for your product. But they might also create battery lifetime headache. Regardless if you are designing a device controlled via a graphical interface or a voice-controlled device, power consumption might become an unforeseen problem during product development and integration. … Continued


Low Power System Design Webinar series, part 1

Starting on April 17th, we started a series of system design webinars focusing on lop power design. IoT and Industrial IoT is happening now and the number of connected devices is exploding. The function of the connected device (e.g. a sensor) might be very straight forward. But the wide range of connectivity solutions put high … Continued


Wirepas and WSI partnership announcement

Wirepas and WSI decided to team up to serve the growing need in the market for reliable well-designed IoT devices. Wirepas has always emphasized the importance of its blooming ecosystem and having the top-notch players serving the industry together with Wirepas. Now, WSI joins the Wirepas ecosystem. WSI can help you with the entire process … Continued


Connecting the Dots: Mikael Rudin – ABB

Mikael Rudin from ABB shares his insights around digitalization and industry 4.0 at the WSI event Connecting the Dots.


Connecting the Dots – Örjan Jansson – Bzzt

Örjan Jansson shares his insights about Bzzt AB and running a fleet of sustainable pod taxis in Stockholm at our Connecting the Dots event.  


Connecting the Dots – Stina Lantz – Ignite Sweden

Stina Lantz shares her insights about corporate + Startup collaboration. Read more about Ignite sweden here.


Human, Business and Technology

When starting a new product initiative we have been taught to combine the human, business and technology perspectives to increase the likelihood of success. But, how do you really do that? Listen to a panel discussion on the subject including: Towe Ressman, VP Global Design at Husqvarna Group Markus Enholm, Chairman and founder at Certus Group … Continued


Connecting the Dots – Husqvarna Group – The Human perspective in new product initiatives

Towe Ressman at Husqvarna Group talks about the Human perspective in product initiatives at the WSI event series Connecting the Dots.