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Skandia Elevator’s Grain Cloud app gives farmers real-time monitoring

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Skandia Elevator’s Grain Cloud app gives farmers real-time monitoring

Skandia Elevator, a leading European manufacturer of conveying systems for the grain industry, wanted to create a digital solution that would make farmers more efficient and support their dealers. WSI helped them develop Grain Cloud, a mobile tool connected to sensors that lets farmers know what is happening in their grain facilities at all times.

Skandia Elevator was founded in 1914 by the brothers Nils and Gustav Larsson, and more than 100 years and three generations later it is still a family-run business. The company has grown into a market leader by continuously seeking innovative solutions for conveying grain, and by always focusing on customer needs and requirements.

Competing with low-cost manufacturers

When brothers Joakim and Jonas Larsson began running the family business in the 1990s, they set an ambitious business plan – become the European leader in their industry. By 2014 they had met this goal, but there were still challenges ahead.

The company needed to compete with both low-cost product providers as well as suppliers of entire systems, who had IoT-based solutions in their portfolios. Skandia Elevator also wanted to support the end customer, farmers, who needed to increase efficiency and profitability in their operations, especially during the hectic harvest season.

Transforming into a service organization

Starting in 2016, Skandia Elevator and WSI began working on a digital solution that would transform the company from a manufacturer into a product and services organization. WSI managed the project with its expertise in business creation and connected services, and CNet developed all of the software.

“The project was truly agile and iterative,” says Carl Fredrik Kastengren, IoT Evangelist and Business Designer at WSI. “We used an approach of measure, learn, build and measure again in close dialogue with farmers, dealers and Skandia Elevator.”

The collaboration resulted in a cloud-based, IoT solution that communicates with the control system, temperature-sensing systems and other digital systems in grain drying and storage facilities. This data is analyzed and presented to farmers in a smartphone app, Grain Cloud, so they can optimize workflows, minimize downtime and save money.

Grain Cloud keeps farmers one step ahead

“The Grain Cloud app enables farmers to have full control over their grain,” says Joakim Larsson, CEO of Skandia Elevator. “You can follow every step of the drying process, and if something goes wrong you get an alarm. When all the grain is stored, you get information about how much grain you have, plus statistics about runtime, downtime and alarms.”

Skandia Elevator dealers can now offer this supportive tool to farmers, which includes after-sales possibilities. The premium version of the app allows farmers to remotely control conveyors, elevators and fans.

In 2018, Grain Cloud won a silver Elmia Agricultural Innovation Award, honoring innovative agriculture and agricultural production technologies.