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We have used each other’s strengths to the max

wsi_case_member_jonas_thyni_500x634Jonas Thyni is sales and marketing director at the software company Realtime Embedded (RTE) whose role in the NorthStar project has been to develop all software to the system’s gateway. RTE has collaborated with WSI in other projects, which have been one of the key success factors to the fast completion of NorthStar’s new smart battery.
– Knowledge-wise RTE has contributed with system architecture and the software in the gateway where all the information of the battery status is sent. I believe the reason we succeeded with this complex project in such a short time is that we complement each other so well, Jonas says.
In what way?
– We are development teams that have taken advantage of the best of each other’s skills. The total has been double up in sharp minds. Sometimes we sat together and worked, and sometimes each team worked by itself. The entire project organisation has been characterised by flexibility.
wsi_rte_gateway02How have you ensured that you have been on the right path?
– There are many levels that need to be tested. We have a process and a system on how to do it. All data on the status and health of the battery enters through a gateway. There the data is processed and passed on to the cloud, which is a critical moment. Everything must meet! The electronics are tested in the lab of WSI. A variety of manufacturing and system tests have also been performed. It is important to have experience of similar tests so nothing is missed along the way.
What are you and RTE most satisfied about in the NorthStar project?
– There are few who can really manage IoT on this level. You must have an experienced partner like WSI to succeed. I think we have really managed to do that when it comes to the new NorthStar solution.
What is in the future for NorthStar batteries?
– I hope our case will be written about as something unique and beneficial. Not least for the environment. In addition, I’d like to see NorthStars’ new smart batteries drive changes in business models. Now customers can package additional value to the end customers, which is worth so much more than just energy from a battery, says Jonas Thyni lastly.

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