Evoko Minto

Evoko’s wireless speakerphone for smarter meetings

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Evoko’s wireless speakerphone for smarter meetings

Evoko, a Swedish company that develops meeting room devices, wanted to create a conference speakerphone that was as easy to use as possible. Working with Evoko, Certus Technology selected WSI for the product development. WSI was involved in the development from the very start, helping create the Minto speakerphone, a wireless device that anyone can connect to, with superior audio quality.

Evoko develops and sells innovative products that help modern meeting spaces become more efficient. The company’s first generation of room booking managers were launched in 2009, also developed by Certus Technology and WSI, and they are now sold in more than 80 countries.

Eliminating phone-conferencing friction

In modern workplaces phone conferencing is often a necessity, but poorly performing speakerphones can waste valuable time and limit meeting productivity. Difficulty connecting to a speakerphone and not hearing what participants are saying are common complaints.

Following the success of its Room Manager, Evoko decided to create an innovative speakerphone that solved these problems and added new functionality for even better meetings. Certus Technology contacted WSI to collaborate on a new speakerphone with superior audio quality, an intuitive user interface and a wide variety of connectivity.

Echo-cancelling algorithm and multiple interfaces

When developing the Minto, a close collaboration between the system engineer, hardware designer, acoustical engineers, software engineers and mechanical designer was essential. Audio performance was one of the most challenging areas.

“Our team implemented a variety of audio-processing algorithms, enabling multiple people from all over the world to participate in a conference call with superior audio quality,” says Håkan Ohlgren, CTO/Chief Architect at WSI. “User friendliness was just as important. People can connect to the Minto through Bluetooth, USB and analog interfaces.”

The team also created an innovative solution for muting the speakerphone. A proximity sensor was added to the top of the device, so users just need to swipe their hand over it to mute or unmute. A ring of green or red LED lights under the device clearly indicates the mute status.

Innovative speakerphone becomes a global success

WSI developed all the electronics, software and mechanics for the Minto in about one year. The speakerphone includes a built-in battery that enables 8 to 10 hours of constant conversation using Bluetooth, which can be charged by connecting the device to an AC/DC adapter or on an associated wall mount.

“The development projects were complex with multiple parties involved, where everyone had their unique specialist competence,” says Richard Glückman, General Manager at Evoko. “WSI is very good at what they do, and they are easy to work with. Both the Minto and Room Manager turned out great and have become global successes.”