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NorthStars new batteries – a “spot-on” solution that will continue to live long at Kombridge

wsi_case_member_patrik_boccara_500x634The company Kombridge, which since August 2016 is part of Tele2, has built the portal where all the information about NorthStar’s batteries is collected. Different users of batteries have different needs for information about their status. Finding the solution for how information should be presented in a logical yet appealing way was one of the challenges in the project.
Now that the NorthStar intelligent battery is ready to face the world, Patrik Boccara, Senior Sales Specialist within IoT at Tele2, is not the least bit nervous. He is proud of a “spot on” solution.
– We have done what is not visible. All the data from NorthStar’s batteries will be communicated in different networks and stored in servers to further be interpreted and visualised in a clean and logical way, Patrik Boccara says.
WSI Case: NorthStar, Kombridge portalThe portal goes hand-in-hand with the mobile app
He further tells that his co-workers have worked closely with the company byBrick who built the app used in field installations and status checks of the batteries. With the help of sketches on how all the battery information should be displayed for users, Kombridge have built the portal. The views must go hand-in-hand with the information displayed in the app.
– The project time schedule has been a challenge. Normally, you do not start complex projects like this from scratch and go full speed ahead. There is usually a sub-project here and a sub-project there. Thanks to the amazing coordination, we have created a culture that has been positive all the way through, despite lots of challenges along the way.
What makes the NorthStar solution a winner according to you?
– Batteries themselves can be considered to be quite boring and difficult to keep track of. I dare to say that the new NorthStar solution meets the end customers’ every possible need. They are not the cheapest on the market, but it should be remembered that as a user you can constantly monitor how the batteries are doing in every detail. Previously, battery replacement has been handled by sample testing or scheduled replacements. Thanks to this solution, one can learn that a battery that is usually changed every second year, does not need to be replaced until several years later. It is simply a long term investment, Patrik says.
IoT for real
Everyone talks about IoT, but there are few who manage to carry out a project fully based on that idea. Several in the project organization mean that the NorthStar solution is an IoT-solution that really lasts, and Patrik agrees.
– – I have seen other complex IoT projects with participants who have never done similar things before. Unfortunately, it’s easy to fail. The NorthStar project has had the right mix of co-workers from day one. I have previously worked in several projects with WSI and knew that they are good at doing really smart hardware products. I believe that it’s our key to success.
This is where it begins!
It’s when a new battery is placed in a warehouse, or is installed in a mobile base station, that Kombridge’s journey begins with NorthStar’s end customers. It is possible to track all details of the batteries 24/7. The information can be monitored at different levels depending on who needs specific facts on the batteries’ status. With the help of its own dedicated staff, support is available around the clock for those in need.
– – For us at Kombridge, there is no end to this project. This is where it really begins, Patrik says.

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