Interspiro’s groundbreaking communication system for firefighters

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Interspiro’s groundbreaking communication system for firefighters

When firefighters are working in dangerous environments, their ability to communicate is critical. Interspiro needed to create a new kind of communication system built into their respiratory equipment. Collaborating with WSI, Interspiro launched a groundbreaking voice-activated system for rescue workers.

Interspiro has worked for almost 100 years to keep professionals breathing in hazardous environments. Today the company’s premium respiratory equipment is used for diving, firefighting, emergency escape and rescue operations all over the world. They work in close partnership with government agencies and industries to create reliable products for extreme situations.

Versatile, team talk communication for firefighters

The project began when rescue services in Los Angeles wanted a voice-activated radio system with full duplex, meaning firefighters could speak to each other at the same time. They also wanted to keep their existing long-distance radio system for communication to the firefighter commander. Finally, they wanted an external loudspeaker so they could clearly speak to people in possible danger.

“Rescue services around the world wanted a smarter radio system with full duplex,” says Ali Rais, Product Manager of Radio Communication at Interspiro. “We gave them Spirocom.”

Developing the Spirocom wireless communication system

WSI needed to design a robust yet cost-effective system that provided sufficient range within the toughest possible building structures with a lot of metal and concrete. WSI developed the radio and antenna parts of the solution, while their partner Prevas handled the software design and the non-radio related hardware.

“We had a great collaboration with Interspiro and Prevas, where we all worked together as team,” says Jonas Strandell, WSI’s COO and R&D Manager. “It was rewarding to work with a system that will ease the work of firefighters and in the end save lives.”

Built for the toughest conditions with perfect sound

The Spirocom system was a great success, ready for all Interspiro masks. The system includes voice-activated radio for team talk, a loudspeaker for voice amplification, push-to-talk long range radio activation, and an adjustable ear speaker. It is also certified for use in explosive environments.

WSI also ensured that the overall design met all regulatory requirements for both Europe and North America, including CE and FCC approvals.