Humly Room Display, the perfect interactive display for your collaboration space

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Humly Room Display, the perfect interactive display for your collaboration space

The efficient usage of shared office resources such as meeting rooms can save a lot of money for a company. With the Humly Room display, you no longer need to disturb an ongoing meeting and you will instantly remove much of the friction related to meeting room reservations. It will help you to find the space you already booked or guide you to one that is available right now. On the display, it is clear who has booked the room and for how long.

Its iconic timeless design will fit well into any modern office as its aesthetic has been developed to become part of the interior.

Pioneers of the smart workplace industry

“About one and a half-decade ago the team behind Humly was pioneering a new segment within the smart workplace industry. Now we enter into a new decade and one of the main reasons for creating the Humly brand was to make sure we can maintain our role as pioneers as we see the workplace is set to go through a paradigm shift in the near future. .” – Humly

The Humly Room Display is the fourth generation of meeting booking systems from Certus and the first one under their own brand Humly. The predecessors have all been very well received by the market. It was, therefore, important to keep the previous strengths and at the same time evolve both design and functionality for the future and for the new brand identity.

Creating a beautiful product with human focus

This was a collaboration between Humly, Certus, WSI and a Swedish Industrial Design company . This is the same team that has been behind all generations of the meeting booking system, hence the project was very smooth and efficient. Different ID concepts were evaluated early in the project. After that work was spent on finding suitable suppliers for key components such as display and touch panel.

Many iterations were made concerning the material and color of the customized touch panel. A lot of effort was also spent on finding a suitable production method of the plastic rear case considering that one part needed to be transparent and one part needed to be non-transparent. In the end, a double injection method was selected and in order to do that in a successful way, one of the very top toolmakers and injection mold companies in Taiwan (Taida) was selected. A lot of effort was also spent on the regulatory side in order to get the device Bluetooth SIG Approved considering that the Certus Humly is a Linux based system.

“WSI has had a fantastic collaboration with both the customer Humly and the involved suppliers. Very hard and efficient work and in the end, we were all rewarded with a very stylish and useful product!” – Jonas Strandell – WSI