Universal Creation’s incredibly safe Globis charging station

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Universal Creation’s incredibly safe Globis charging station

Chargers for phones and tablets are a necessity today, but they often get hidden away due to their unattractive design. Universal Creation wanted to solve this with their Globis charging station, which has a timeless spherical design that can hide cables inside it. WSI not only developed electronics and software for Globis, they also made it super safe.

Universal Creation is a leading Nordic manufacturer of power supplies, wireless charging solutions, USB-C hubs, headphones and car phone holders. The Swedish company was founded in 2012 by Gabriel Olsson and Johan Thelander. Selling products under the Unisynk brand, the company always strives to improve performance, safety, sustainability and design.

A safe charging station with a timeless design

“When the Norwegian consumer electronic chain Elkjøp contacted us and asked if we could develop a safe charging station with a timeless design, I said yes immediately,” says Johan Thelander, Cofounder of Universal Creation.

Universal Creation and industrial design company Carl&Carl began working on the design for Globis, which was ready in early 2016.

“Now we were in a rush,” says Thelander. “Globis was supposed to hit the shelves of Elkjøp the same year. I knew Tomas Lannér and his team at WSI would be the very best at building the safe electronics and software that would work for Globis.”

Intelligent charging with no overheating

WSI began working on the electronics for Globis in late 2015. The challenge was to design a charger that can charge six devices simultaneously without any heat or safety issues, while still keeping the product price low enough to make it attractive on the consumer market.

“Globis is built with a small microprocessor that monitors heat and power,” says Tomas Lannér, WSI Hardware Architect. “This means that if the charger overheats, Globis is temporarily turned off. As soon as the danger is over, the intelligent Globis is started automatically. It has extremely good overcurrent protection and is short-circuit safe.”

A successful product and a great partnership

The Globis charger also has an energy-efficient mode, so little energy is used when phones or other devices are not connected. The charger’s very stable voltage also means that connected devices charge faster than normal.

“WSI’s professionalism and flexibility are unbeatable when you have an idea of a product that you want to create,” says Thelander. “Our ambition was to produce a charging station that is extremely stylish and safe at the same time. Without WSI’s commitment and expertise, we would never have managed to produce one of the safest charging stations on the market.”