E.ON helped customers lower energy use with smart-home solution

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E.ON helped customers lower energy use with smart-home solution

E.ON wanted to find a smarter way for customers to monitor and control their energy consumption at home. In 2010, they partnered with IIOX, a WSI sister company, to develop a smart-home solution using sensors, an IoT platform and an app. By feeding energy use data into the app in real time, E.ON customers were able to lower their energy use by 15 percent.

E.ON Sverige is a Swedish electric utility focused on helping customers lower energy use and costs, while protecting the environment. Its vision is to offer energy to customers from 100 percent renewable sources by 2025. The company is part of the German electric utility E.ON SE, one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers.

Adding value in a competitive utility market

After the Swedish electricity market was deregulated in 1996, it has been easy for consumers to switch energy providers. Utilities in Sweden have therefore competed to show that their energy provides the most value or is from the most sustainable sources.

In 2010, E.ON wanted to differentiate themselves by helping their customers work towards smarter energy use and lower energy consumption. Instead of monthly energy use reports, E.ON wanted to give customers the ability to monitor and control their own energy consumption in real-time. They began working with IIOX, a WSI sister company, to find a solution.

Measuring energy use with sensors and smart meters

The service they developed was called 100koll, or “full control” in English. Participating customers had sensors installed on smart meters in their homes to accurately measure energy consumption. Smart plugs enabled the collection of consumption data from appliances. This data was then sent to the IIOX data management platform via a communications gateway.

The IoT platform was able to collate and aggregate energy consumption data for each household in real-time. This data was visualized for customers in an app. The information was also made available to E.ON as an aggregated real-time feed along with summary reports and charts.

Lowered energy use and satisfied customers

The 100koll service was very appreciated by E.ON’s customers. On average, customers lowered their energy costs by 12 percent and reduced their energy use by 15 percent. After a pilot test, the service was launched to 120, 000 households in Sweden.