byBrick – The app

Status check and installation support using a smart app.

wsi_case_member_mathias_lewen_500x634Ola Hellström, WSI, told that it is possible to receive the status of the battery already during manufacturing. The company byBrick has built the smart app that can talk to the battery from the factory and beyond, and at the same time support the installer on site with everything from installation to status updates in real time. byBrick’s project and marketing manager Mathias Lewén explains more.
The byBricks app is yet another link in the chain involved in the NorthStar intelligent battery. The battery sends signals on its status that can easily be received by the app.
– If there are several batteries packed in a box, the app will read out the status for each one of them as long as you are in range of the wireless communication, Mathias says.

The circle is closed
– The other feature of the app is of great help for the technician who installs the battery, for example at a telecom base station. The app guides the technician through the installation process and collects data from all the critical steps. When the installation is complete, a report is directly sent to the cloud and the site is fully operational. The end customer is now able to follow the status of the battery via the portal. The circle is closed, Mathias says proudly.
He continues to say that the project has kept a high pace where everyone involved has been focused on keeping the time schedule.
– The feeling has always been that everyone does what they are best at. Zero prestige, Mathias Lewén at byBrick finally concludes.

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