Flic is a small wireless button that you can stick anywhere.


Imagine a universal button that can stick anywhere and work like an extension of your arm to your mobile phone, for everything you want to do. Imagine to be able to dim the lights, turn the TV on and at the same time order a pizza, all with the press of a button.
Does that sound too good to be true? Flic makes it possible!
Together with Shortcut Labs, we at WSI developed the hardware inside the Flic. It bundles all your favourite apps and more into one tiny button that you can take with you wherever you go.
Want to learn more about how Flic works? Watch the video and follow us into the world of Flic!!

The customer

What does Amir Sharifat from Shortcut Labs have to say?

WSI_Flic_Amir“Simple solutions are needed for communicating with all the smart functions in our mobile phones”, says Amir Sharifat, one of the founders of Shortcut Labs.
Together with WSI the company developed Flic. The small Flic button is only the size of a 5 kroner coin. Flic centralises and simplifies access to all smart functions in the mobile phone. And the button can even be used as an alarm.


“We are currently very limited by our displays. The way we use apps and Smartphones is going to change. Flic demonstrates that it’s possible to steer apps and displays in a whole new way. Thanks to our collaboration with WSI, Flic’s technology and final product are the first of its kind. Flic is perfectly suited for global distribution and the response so far has been overwhelming”, Amir Sharifat says proudly.


Top 5 uses of Flic by Cnet

Flic has gotten attention from around the world.
Flic was launched through a crowdfunding campaign that would turn out to be Sweden’s most elaborate and up until now has yielded almost 800,000 dollars. 50,000 Flics are currently in production.
This is what the media has to say about Flic so far. Take a look at the video clip below!

See what Cnet thinks about the Flic:


The technical highlights of Flic

Flic was created with design in mind and has that great, satisfying click feeling when you push a button.

Made from soft coloured silicone, Flic feels great to touch.

Flic is a resilient button. Engineered to withstand the weather, Flic works just as well outside as it will on your bedside table.

Flic’s intelligence is squeezed into a PCB smaller than a quarter, but still has a wide range of functions and capacity.

Flic’s battery lasts up to 18 months, after which the standard coin battery can be replaced easily.

Flic comes with a re-usable adhesive, which can stick to any surface. If it gets dirty, clean it with some water and it’ll stick perfectly once again.

Did you know..?

Fact about the Flic.

…it costs you about 8 USD per year to have a light bulb on for three hours every day? You might not think that’s much. But if you add all the other gimmicks in your home, you’ll certainly notice it on your electricity bill. Thanks to Flic, the next time you leave your house you can turn everything off with just a touch of a button. Pretty cool, right?

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