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WSI’s collaboration with Evoko was an amazing and user-friendly success

Evoko is the name of the company associated with successful office meetings. Many of us are familiar with Room Manager that is found outside of many conference rooms. Minto, its UFO-like companion, has also landed on many conference tables.
WSI was involved in the development of both of these products right from the start.

The customer

Richard Glückman, General Manager, Evoko

Rickard Gluckman“As Evoko is the company selling the products under our brand, we represented the market, channel and end user perspective for the Minto and Room Manager. The development projects were complex with multiple parties involved where everyone had their unique specialist competence. WSI provided the majority of the technology for both products and I was on the steering committee for the Minto project in which WSI also were an important part. I felt the collaboration went very well. WSI are very good at what they do and they are easy to work with. Both the Minto and Room Manager turned out great and have become global successes.”

The WSI way

WSIs’ Håkan Ohlgren, Chief Architect at WSI tells more about Minto.

WSI_Staff_Hakan02 “From the start, Minto was envisioned as a conference speakerphone in its simplest form. It connects via BlueTooth, USB or analog. The challenge for me and my colleagues at WSI was the sound quality and the user friendliness of the Minto.”


WSI developed all the electronics, Software and mechanics and for the Minto in about 1 year.
“The echo-cancelling algorithm were very important. To design an algorithm that efficiently eliminates the echo generated when multiple people from all over the world participate in a conference call is a challenge. User friendliness was just as important. Any user must be able to use the Minto in an intuitive way during a meeting. It must be obvious to everyone when the microphone is muted or not. We implemented voice feedback in order to further enhance the user experience”, says Håkan.


The exceptional sound quality was realized in collaboration with Limes Audio, who developed the echo cancelling algorithm. Their algorithm together with the four embedded microphones, and the high dynamical range in the electronics, makes Minto extremely sensitive and it will pick up a whisper in any corner of the room. In order for the meeting participants to be able to whisper or talk freely in the room without someone on the other end hearing you, the microphone muting was implemented through a proximity sensor that detects a swipe over the device. The Minto’s green and red “aura light” clearly indicates when the microphones are enabled or muted.


A simple and intuitive user interface was one of the most important features of Minto. Not only managing the various audio interfaces (Bluetooth, USB and analog) but also presenting the battery state of charge of the built in battery, must be intuitive. Thus voice feedback was implemented, giving the user the needed information. But voice feedback can become annoying during an ongoing meeting. Therefore we implemented two modes where one is “NORMAL” and one is “LIMITED”. In LIMITED mode, only the absolute most vital information is spoken to the user.


“When it comes to new technology, development must of course be fast, but the collaboration with everyone involved went really well. When your focus is on user friendliness, you have to listen to your customers. We really succeeded in that with this project”, Håkan says contently.

Did you know..?

Facts about meetings.

…50 percent of executives’ work hours are spent in meetings (30 percent for other employees). That’s at least 4 hours a day. Calculated conservatively, meetings cost a company with 100 employees 19 million kroner per year*. And that’s if all the technical and booking systems work. Just think about how many hours you lose if your booking system isn’t functioning…

Task: Calculate how much your meetings cost. Multiply the number of employees x 45 (work weeks/year) x 12 (average number of meeting hours/week) x average hourly wage (total cost for the company, the example above is calculated using 350 kroner/hour).

Source: Meeting Quality Index

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