Business Creation

All the way from idea to product.


IoT often means new revenue streams, new ways of interacting with customers or increased attractiveness of your product. ​

This however comes with new requirements on the business model, organization and the processes you currently have. ​

With our Business Creation offerings we are here to help you on the journey. We are excited to share our best practices and experience with you!

The way we work and engage with you


IoT Starter

In a two days workshop we start to know you and your business. We talk about lessons learned and then jump right into the innovation process.


IoT Assessment

The IoT Assessment will look into the state of your IoT venture from four angles:


Organization as a Service

WSI can step in and strengthen the organization with different types of roles. When you are ready, we can work in parallel with you to hand over the work and act as a mentor.


IoT Business

Just need help with certain parts? Lets discuss and pick the right work bundles from our toolbox.

IoT Business Services



This is where we get to know you and you get to know more about your customers.

We define the projects goals and generate customer profiles for further study.


Business definition

With knowledge about your customers we start this phase with Value proposition design to continue with Business modelling. In parallel, the concept(s) takes form. Prioritized hypotheses that have been identified gets confirmed or disgarded. Learnings gets feeded back into the iterative process.


Strategy & Organization

Organizational and cultural change is often the most underestimated challenge in IoT projects. Here we assess the needed organization based on the business goals that has been identified.

Product Strategy – We can help develop the product strategy setting, the long-term goals and discuss concrete steps in moving forward.


MVP Definition

Big product launches often mean big failures. Decrease risk of ending up with the wrong solution and show that you listen to your customers by making valuable but incremental releases. Here we define your MVP and what it means for you. We also offer the possibility to take the product definition to a project plan ready to be started.


Product Launch

Launching an IoT offering can differ from how you previously launched products. We help you develop a launch and marketing plan to increase chance of success.

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