We help clients thrive in a connected world by designing and developing products and solutions that create value

WSI has a deep understanding of what makes a product work, both from a business and technical perspective. We can choose from our wide network of best-in-class partners to create a development dream team for your solution.

In our state-of-the-art laboratories and chambers, we can develop physical products. We also have a SandBox Lab in the cloud to prototype and learn rapidly. Our IoT cloud can be used to manage devices, as well as analyze and enhance data.

Customized for you

We can help you with the entire process of creating a new connected product or service, or with just part of the process.

Find the right problem

The first step of the process is to analyze the opportunity to ensure that the solution solves the right problem and maximizes the value created.

Build the right thing

Some problems have more than one solution. In this step, we find the most effective solution from both a business and product or service perspective.

Build the thing right

In this last step, we develop products and services and implement the new business model.