WSI will be at Elmia Subcontractor 14-17 Nov 2017

Elmia Subcontractor – where IoT manufacturers go (to get ahead of the competition).

Priding ourselves being a close partner to both large and small IoT manufacturers, we decided it would be worth our while to exhibit at Elmia Subcontractor Exhibition next week.

Together with our sister companies in the Allgon Group and our exhibition co-sponsor Telít we have a virtual smorgasbord of connected solutions and products on display.

Tobias Söderlund, IoT Business Architect

Tobias Söderlund, our newly recruited business wizard is spear-heading our brand new IoT Business Unit. He has some really smart tools to guide you all the way from idea to product/offering. Be on the look-out for him at Elmia Subcontractor. He is eager to share his best practices, experience and a coffee or maybe a dinner with you. Get in touch with him!

Check out the teaser about the different work flows and work bundles on our website. We are happy to hear your feedback – and we hope it will inspire you to get in touch. Jan-Åke says he is always on call, so why not hold him to it?

See you November 14 – 17 @Elmia Subcontractor – looking forward!

Tobias Söderlund
He has a degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. In addition he spent a few years at Ericsson as a M2M Innovator, launching a global IoT platform and as Global Product Manager at skyrocketing wireless tech company CyanConnode.
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