See what our extremely talented developer Joakim Sandström has to say about WSI

Say hi to…

…Joakim Sandström, HW & SW Engineer

Describe your role at WSI. What are your main tasks?
“I do a lot of things! My main areas are writing embedded software, designing circuits and doing circuit board layouts. Layouts is one of my favourite tasks, fitting lots of components on a tiny circuit board is like laying a very challenging and interesting puzzle.”

What did you do before you came to WSI?
“I studied to be an electrical engineer specialising in electronics for 5 years at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). Before starting here, I worked at another company for three years doing similar (but not as exiting) things.”

What’s working at WSI like?
 “Great! WSI is quite unique. We don’t own any of the products we design, nor are we a standard consulting firm, instead we function more like a “development department for hire”. Almost all our projects are done in-house, which means that our customers hire the competence of the entire company instead of just the competence of specific individuals.

As an employee, this means that you always have access to highly skilled colleges, like if you were working in a product owning company, while at the same time get a lot of variety in projects, like if you were working as a consultant for hire. For me it is really the best of both worlds”

 If it were up to you, what qualities should a new colleague at WSI possess?
 “You have to be smart and catch on quickly. You should also be generous with your knowledge and willing to learn from others. One of our greatest strength’s at WSI is that we are very good at helping each other out, and as a WSI person, you should never be too proud to ask a colleague for help.”