WSI builds for the future and strengthens up with analysis and business growth skills

WSI welcomes Mats Eliasson on the board!

– Only imagination sets the limits, says WSI’s new member of the board Mats Eliasson. He is the analyst and reconstruction pro who has been working behind the scenes of small and large listed companies for almost 30 years. The ties between Mats and Jan-Åke initiated back in 2002 in connection with a restructuring task for a company in which both Jan-Åke and Jonas were active. The two founders of WSI, CEO Jan-Åke Lindqvist and COO and Head of development Jonas Strandell, has from the start of WSI collaborated on and off with Mats on various issues.


What will be your role in the Board of WSI?

– I will contribute in the analyzing and negotiating side as well as investigate how WSI should be tuned and develop strategically for the future. Today the company has approximately 20 sharp employees with cutting edge expertise in areas such as radio technology. In addition, around 25 partners have been handpicked for the involvement in customer-specific project. What may set the limit is how the company will now continue to develop the organic growth. Should WSI grow based on their own employees whom are extremely hard to find, or continue growing in other ways? This is one of several issues that I want to help straighten out.


What is exciting and challenging about WSI to you?

– I have been following the company for a long time. It is fun to be included in a company from the very initiation and into the future. One of the strengths of WSI is to commercialize ideas into prototypes which are further put into production. They are skilled in radio technology, which is still somewhat a black hole for many others competing in the same industry. I think WSI can get huge by starting product lines within radio technology and Internet of Things. Then they can stimulate the interest of the really large costumers.


What strengths of WSI today do you want to develop?

– The company is just the size to need to build an organization with managers below the very top management. It is generally a challenging step to take, as it can be hard to let go for the managers previously involved in all parts of the company. If this is done correctly, WSI could be more than twice as large as it is today. The radio expertise of WSI has since its initiation given them an enormous advantage over their competitors.


What are your own strengths?

– I am good at seeing solutions in situations regardless of whether they are long-term or acute.


Mats Eliasson has been appointed new member of the board as of July 2016. At the moment he is fully testing the Flic-button. Here you can read more about some of the products WSI is proud to have contributed to.