WSI – Wireless System Integration – is an IoT enabler

Wireless System Integration – WSI – supports companies in developing and industrializing their products within Internet of Things and advanced radio.

Since 2002 we have been making things Wireless by WSI™. The WSI team has long experience from delivering complex projects and mobile products. We provide a flexible resource that takes a product from idea to volume production. Our experienced in-house team ensures quality in every step of the way.

Development partner

WSI is a development department on steroids… We provide a flexible resource that takes a product from idea to volume production, both in advanced radio & antennas and the IoT.

Industrialization of IoT Products

We make reality out of visions. At WSI we help our customers not only with the technology to connect their existing products, but also to analyze and suggest how grow this business over time.

Production As A Service

For those companies that has no need or time to manage the production, WSI can provide that Production as a service. This give you more time to focus on sales and core development.

  • In NVIDIA®
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    Vihaan Networks Limited (VNL)
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    Libero BabyBuzz
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    In Internet of Things
    Folksam Köra Säkert (Drive Safe)
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    Husqvarna Robotic pilot